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Flowers Chords

Rozz Williams - Flowers (piano tab by Yves Aguayo)

Organ intro

Dm - Bb - E - Am


(This is my favourite sad story...)

Am (no2) - Bsus4 (no5) - C7Madd11 (no5) - Bsus4 (no5)


(Every pretty flower...)

F - Am - F - E

(I do not know...)

F - E (a few times)

(Well a stem is not a rose...)
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E - F - E - F - G - E - F - G

(I pray that all the poppies they...)

Am - E - G

(And that's how they found me last time)

Am - E - F


Am (no2) : a e2 a2 c2
Bsus4 (no5) : b e2 g2 b2
C7Madd11 (no5): c2 f2 g2 b2

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