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Gods Been Good Chords

Capo 1st
Godís Been Good

Intro:D A G D(Bm) A G D

Verse 1:
 D                              G               
 Lately Iíve been looking back along this winding road
        D                           G              A
 to the old familiar markers of the mercies I have known,
   D                                 A              Bm
 I know it may sound simple but itís more than a clichť,
    G              D                A(7)
 no other words to tell you than to say

           D          A           G                 D
Godís been good in my life I feel blessed beyond my wildest dreams
       E                A                     G                    D
when I go to sleep each night and though Iíve had my share of hard times  
      D         A      G                 A-G       D
by my side Heís always stood, through it all Godís been good

Bridge: same as intro
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Verse 2:
D                               G
Times replay and I can see Iíve cried some bitter tears
      D                            G                A
but I felt His arms around me as I faced my darkest fears
     D                                  A                   Bm
Iíve had more gains than loses and Iíve known more joy than hurt
       G                 D             A(7)
as His grace rolled down upon me, undeserved


A               G          A               D
God has been my Father, my Saviour, and my friend
    A           G                             A
His love was my beginning His love will be my end 
        Bm            D                  G     A       Bm
I could spend forever trying to tell you everything He is 
        G              D         A(7)
but the best way I can say it is this

(Chorus)played slower, and add an A(let ring out) after the last G, then end on D

Outro:D Bm G A D