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Text Me Texas Chords

Intro: G, Bm, Am (x2)

G                       Bm                          Am  
Who's in Houston that's keeping you from talking to me
                G                                Bm
I ain't used to laying down without the sound of your voice
Before I drift off to sleep.
Bm                               Cadd9
Girl, you got me climbing the walls
Bm                               Cadd9
if you can't find the time to call
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            G          Bm
Come on and Text me, Texas
Before you turn off your phone
      G               Bm
I'm a wreck and I'm restless
Got a feeling that you're not alone
       Em7                      Bm               Cadd9
It's breaking my heart and I'm starting get the message

Come on and text me, Texas

Repeat Intro (X1)

I pray what you ain't saying don't mean what all my friends say it means
Maybe you can give me just a couple of lines I could read between
You could even tell me a lie
Anything to get me by

Repeat Chorus

     Bm                     Cadd9
Whatever you can't tell me now
     Bm                     Cadd9
Baby, you could spell it out

Repeat Chorus