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Lighters In The Air Chords

Hey guys, this is my first tab, hope yall like it. Im open to any suggestions and 
corrections, and be sure to rate. thanks

Standard tuning, no capo

Intro: D G A D

Verse 1:
Cover band ona Flora-Bama deck
D                                              G A
A thousand sun-burned souls
Rum-runners and cold Bud Light
 D                                             G              A
A little Friday night summertime rock and roll
Packed in tight, they were singin' along
D                 A                G         D
 I was hanging on the edge of the crowd
When you spilled your beer down the back of my shirt
G                             A
 You had me when I turned around
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G       A         D
Guitars on the Gulf breeze
G                A           D
 Smoke rings 'round the neon
G             A         Em
 Moonlight in your blue eyes
               G     A             D
'Neath that Georgia hat that you had on
G         A            D
 Just one night to hold you
         G             A      Em
No, that ain't what I call fair
         G                       A      D
But the memories burn in my mind
      G              A            D
 Like those lighters in the air
G            A       D
 Lighters in the air

Verse 2:
That one look led to a walk on the beach
D              G               A         D
And more kisses than I could count
The best kind of wild and down-home smile
D                   G     A            D
I've ever had these arms around
The amps were screamin' and the people were too
G                             A             D
 While were slow dancing on our bare feet
 Ain't it funny how we missed it all
G                         A
And still didn't miss a thing?

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3:
 The thought of you won't let me go
Em      D                  Em
 It's been holding on for years

 It don't take much to take me back
Em      A      G
 Everytime I hear

(Repeat Chorus)
        G        A        D
 Raise your lighters in the air