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Famous One Chords

Artist: Chris Tomlin
Album: Not to us
Song: Famous One

   This song is very simple to play. I cannot figure out the part inbetween the end of the
chorus and beginning of the verse. I could guess but I don't know if it is completelt acurate. If
you find out let me know. If you notice on my tabs, I am not giving you the words. That is because
of copyright reasons.
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   Key: G
   G           D
   Em            Dsus            C2
   G           D
   Em            Dsus                G

   Verse 1:
   Am                  G
   Am                  G
   Am                  G
   C                  Dsus 

See it is pretty simple! Verse 1 and 2 are the same all the way through.
Have fun with it and us your skills to glorify God!