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Smellin Coffee Chords

			     Smellin' Coffee - Chris Rice
Tabbed by: Drummergirl930

First tab ever...Kinda noticed that this song had no tabs ANYWHERE on the internet 
attempted. Hopefully someone else can use this basic try to actually figure it out...

     F      Bb       Bb/F

F F Bb,    F Bb Bb,
1 &  2 & 3 & 4  &

Verse 1: strumming pattern?
F                             Bb
Last thing I remember, saying bye to yesterday,
F                            Bb
Glad to see it over, pulling covers over my head,
F                           Bb/F
What were you doing while I dreamt the night away?
[ Tab from: ]
            Bb (hold)                              Bb/F (hold)     Bb (hold)
Cause I can tell that somethingís different and my eyes ainít even open yet,

F                    Bb
Iím smelliní coffee, birds are singiní just outside,
F                      Bb/F
Here comes your mercy, Streaming in with the morning light,
F                   Bb
My heart is raciní, waking up to your smile,
        F         Bb/F
Itís a, Good Morning,
F        Bb
Good Morning

Verse 2:

I remember reading youíre the God who never sleeps,
While Iíve been dreaming, youíve been singing over me,
Singing about my freedom, Waking me up to hear your song,
And now I canít dance hard enough Ďcause yesterday is gone gone gone,


F                                    Bb
Every little breath, Heartbeat, Is a gift of love that you give to me,
F                                           Bb
You keep giving, even when Iím asleep, Cause I know you never stop watching over me,
F                                    Bb
Wake up, my past is gone, Cause your mercy's new with the morning sun,
F                                                         Bb
Iím forgiven I'm free itís a brand new day, Cause your faithfulness is the greatest, HEY!

Chorus (x2)