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Touche D Amour Chords

TOUCH? D?AMOUR by Chris Rea

from the album ?Wired To The Moon?

Intro: | E | F#m | A | E | E | F#m | A | F#m B |


E        F#m
Touch? d?amour
A          E
Yours is a sunny day
E           F#m
Of this I?m sure
A          E
Blowing my clouds away
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G#                                C#m
I just don?t know what this could do to me
G#                A
I only want it to be

E          F#m  B    E          F#m  B
Touch? d?amour,      touch? d?amour

Touch? d?amour
Sailing around the room
Like never before
Could never have come too soon

G#                          C#m
I want his dance to last forever
G#                     A      G#m  F#m
For it to last forever more

Touch? d?amour, touch? d?amour