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Cadillac Cowboy Chords

Sung by: Chris LeDoux
Written by: Chuck Pyle

This song seems to be played mostly in barr chords at the 3rd and 5th
fret. Slide up from Db to the D and from F# to the G.

 D                                                   G
Hold tight with a leather fist  Watch out when he starts to twist
That's what their daddies' used to tell them boys
     How to ride them bulls
               D                                      G
I got a jingle in my jeans                Sore places in between
                      D                    A                 D
And I'm leavin' on a saw blade            With a push and a pull

               G                                            D
10-4 Buddy, come on back           A horse trailer on a Cadillac
                             A                              D
Yeah, we're talkin' to the cowboy          In the Coupe de Ville
                   G                                         D
Chug-a-luggin' up one side                Slidin' down the other
                     A                 D
I'm a lover of the other side of the hill
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D                                                             G
Turn up that radio               Don't wanna think about a rodeo
                            D                               A 
Don't wanna think about a round-up            Up in old Cheyenne
                 D                                          G
It's a crazy circuit                       But still you work it
                  D                     A                      D
Turn down that sound, boys       Let's get up and check the scan


Bandana hangin' mirror                 Still wet from ear to ear
                      D                                       A
We'll, I guess it's true then              What the wise men say
                     D                                    G
When you ride your last one          Make sure he's the best one
                  D                         A                 D
Jump while he's movin'           Tip your hat boys and walk away

CHORUS (Repeat 2 times)
                     A                      G      D  A  D
I'm a lover of the other     Side of the hill