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Beckys Bible Chords

Chris Knight
Beckys Bible

G                  C 
Empty beer bottles rattle on my pistol
Em                D             C
On the seat of my Chevy pickup truck
I'm taking these gravel roads
fast as my truck will go
    Em             D                 C
I'm running like a scared white tail buck
          G                   C 
It was an all night card game with Earl Ray and Bobby
    Em                D               C
And some old boy they work with from Adair
G                       C
That boy didn't like me then he said I was cheating
 Em            D                   C      D
gunshots rang out on the midnight air 

        C               D
I don't want to see the daylight
G              C
But my Becky's alone tonight
  C           D              G
I wonder if she's waiting up for me
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I’m gonna hide out in the bottoms
Where I hunted deer and turkeys
Em          D                         C 
I know that swamp like the back of my hand
Hell I was born and raised here
Just wanted to be a good old boy
Em            D                   C  
never thought I'd ever be a wanted man
Well soon they're gonna catch me,
Ain't no way around that
E                  D                  C
Cause I don't know any other place to hide
G                          C   
I wonder if Becky's bible is still in the glove box
Em                   D                   C       D
Cause I'm sure gonna need it if that boy dies


Sometime tomorrow morning
When I ought to be fishing
Em               D             C
They'll probably be hauling me in
I'll be sitting in the jail house
no need to be wishing
Em                    D                    C         D
That I'll ever get to fish the Green river again

        C                D  
I'll be praying for some daylight
G                 C
While my Becky's alone at night
  C               D              G 
I wonder if she's waiting up for me	

  C               D              G 
I wonder if she's waiting up for me