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Rose Of England Tab

                                          Artist - Chris de Burgh
                                          Song - Rose Of England
                                        Album - The Road To Freedom

There is 2 guitars in this, A 12 string and A 6 string acoustic.
12 string comes in first.

12 String Picking                      Hear my voice and listen well
  Em                                                      G

  A                 C         D         Em                G  

  A                 C         D
[---------5-------|---------|---5-----|--Continue with --------------------]
[-----------5---5-|-----5---|-----5---|----12 sting------------------------]
[-----6-------6---|-------5-|-7-----7-|------throughout the ---------------]
[---7---7---------|---5-----|---------|--------song-with above picking-----]
[-5---------------|---------|---------|-6 string comes in here, see below--]

6 String Guitar
  Em                                She was loverly   G

  A                 C         D         Em                G

  A                 C         D
[-----------------|---------|-----2---|-Just continue ----------------]
[-----------2-----|-------1-|-------3-|----with both guitars picking--]
[-----2---2---2---|-----0---|---2-----|------------Ad Lib-------------]

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Rose Of England
Verse 1
Em                G            A           C      D
Hear my voice and listen well, and a story I will tell,
Em                 G             A                 C
How duty brought a broken heart, and why a love so strong
Must fall apart;

Verse 2
Em              G             A             C     D
She was lovely, she was fine, daughter of a royal line,
Em            G               A               C        D       Em
He, no equal, but for them it mattered little for they were in love;

C                G               D                Em
Rose of England, sweet and fair, shining with the sun,
C                G            Am
Rose of England, have a care, for where the thorn is,
C         D          Em
There the blood will run;

C  D  Em     C  D  Em
Oh my heart, oh my heart;

Verse 3
Em                 G                A             C   D
Through the summer days and nights, stolen kisses and delights
Em                            G                      A
Would thrill their hearts and fill their dreams with all emotions
C         D        Em
That true love can bring;

Verse 4
Em                    G             A               C      D
But black of mourning came one day, when her sister passed away,
Em               G            A             C        D      Em
And many said on bended knee, she has gone, you must be our Queen;


Verse 5
Em           G             A              C      D
To the abbey she did ride, with her lover by her side,
Em                  G                  A
When they heard the church bells ring, she was Queen
C            D       Em
And one day, he'd be King;

Verse 6
Em                 G            A                 C        D
But men of malice, men of hate, protesting to her chambers came,
Em                    G                   A
A foreign prince will have your hand, for he'll bring peace
    C      D      Em
And riches to our land;

Change Key
           A                            Em
She said, "Do you tell me that I cannot wed the one I love
A                            Em             D  Em
Do you tell me that I am not mistress of my heart

C  D  Em   C  D  Em
Ooh        Aah

Verse 7
Em                G                  A                C        D
And so with heavy weight of life she kissed her lover one last time,
Em                   G                 A           C            D      Em
This land I wed, and no man comes, for if I cannot have you, I'll have none;


C G D Em

C G D Em

C D Em

C D Em 

A Nice Tune.......Enjoy..