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Goodnight Chords

Chris de Burgh - Goodnight
From the albums: Far Beyond These Castle Walls (1975) and Home (2012)
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The chords I wrote here are for the acoustic version of 
Goodnight of the album Home, 
Though you can also play them along with the original.

D F#m Bm D G D Em A
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D                  F#m                   Bm
 Well, it's after midnight and the stars are shining bright
D                       G                 D                Em       A
 And a big fat moon is dancing on the sea, and I'm thinking, oh my...
D             F#m                             Bm
 And that old man in the sky he's looking me right in the eye
           D            G                         D
 And he's wondering why, and he's saying "little singer,
                  Em     A                      D  F#m
 Why aren't you sleeping, why aren't you sleeping? "
Bm               D                     G  D
 Oh, the day is hanging heavy on my eyes,
     G                   Em      A     D    G  D    
 I guess the time has come to say goodnight...

A               D               A        G          D
 And may your dreams take you travelling all night long,
         Bm             F#m   Em                   A
 With an angel by your side when the wind blows strong
           D             A          G               D
 Oh stay away from that city, that sad and lonely place,
         Bm              F#m               G
 I will lead you to the river, here's the door,
 And the key is turning round,
             F#               Bm            D
 Close the shutters, do not cry, there's a new moon in the sky;
     D               Bm      Em                A
 Oh hold on to your love, until your time has come to say... goodnight.