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Yeah 3x Chords

Yeah I'm a novice so don't get too mad if they aint exactly the right chords
This is my First tab, i hope it helps you guys! if its too simple then sorry :)

Capo - None
Standard Tuning

Simple cord progression ; D , A , Em , G
Repeat throughout

D               A
Move your body, out on the floor
Put your troubles aside
And start living
D        A
Anybody, can let go
Throw away all your problems
Cuz right now it's party time

[ Tab from: ]
Girl don't feel outta place
Cuz I, I'm in love with this feeling now
And I, I, hope that this will last a while
We should make it last a while

You like to drink, so do we
Get more bottles, bring 'em to me
Hold your glasses up, people everywhere
Now everybody put your hands in the air say
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Girl I wanna
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I wanna see you tonight
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Girl I gotta, I gotta, I gotta
I gotta see you tonight

Oh oh, oh woh oh oh
Oh oh, let me see your hands
Oh oh, oh woh oh oh
Oh oh, tonight is the night

Lost in the moment
Can't believe you're so beautiful
Feels like I'm in a dream
Baby we're going
Somewhere you've never been before
So take my hand and come with me

etc etc

Hope it helped, rate if it did!