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Crawl Chords

capo 3rd fret

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G                    Dm7
Everybody says it's you,'
Am                  C
I'm the one that's lost the view
G                    Dm7
Everybody says we're through,
Am                       C
I hope you haven't said it too
G              Dm7
And where do we go from here
Am             C
With all this fear in our eyes
G                   Dm7
And where can love take us now,
We've been down so far,
We can still make it if we try

        G             Dm7
So we crawl, till we walk again
        Am                  C
And we run, untill we're strong enough to jump,
         G               Dm7
And we'll fly, till there is no end 
          Am             C
So let's crawl, back to love

And it continues the same way throughout the whole song :)