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Crack Rock Steady Chords

This isnt quite what the actual song sounds like, but if you want an easier way to play 
it here it is:

After that little bass intro it goes

Crack rock steady, are you ready to stop
the rotten blue menace let's go kill us a cop
Crack rock steady, are you ready
Living above the law

Same chords for the rest of the song, sounds better played as bar chords.

Po little lice, the po little screws
The whitest gang crew, the hated boys in blue
The scabies on the street they infest the beat
Fuckin' my life but i wont admit defeat to them
Above the law, above the law i come
no copper will be safe 'till they are dead and done
Lets set 'em down low, hang em up high
Lets take all these piggies and have 'em crucified!

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Hardcore, ruged and raw
In the streets of NY we're above the fucking law
It don't matter the color of your skin
as long as you're not scandolous, commit no sin
to me or my tribe, you would not be wise
Time to smell the ganja, open up your fuckin' eyes
Step back and keep your attitude in check
and show the crack rock steady much respect


Don't ya know, that satan is the man?
So listen very close cause we got a little plan
We're gonna have ta execute some rich important people
Gonna burn a lotta churches, topple lotta steeples
See a frown, turn that cross upside down
grab a gun/baseball bat and lets go to fuckin town
Let's kill the police, I'll be sayin' little more
but when the cops break down your door
Dont forget the choice is your's


And after that there's the last verse, dont know the words. Basically just have fun with 
this, mess around with different keys and speeds, whatever you like. My email is if you have any questions.