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How Did You Know Chords

G                         D
I remember so well
The day that you came into my life
C#m                        G
You asked for my name
                     Am                  D-D7
You had the most beautiful smile

G		     D
My life started to change
I'd wake up each day feeling alright
C#m                        G
With you right by my side
                         Am            D		G
Makes me feel things will work out just fine
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D                       G
How did you know
                        Em		 Am7
I needed someone like you in my life
                               D                             G
That there was an empty space in my heart
G7		   Em                   Am7-D7
You came at the right time in my life

I'll never forget
                                   Em 	            Am7
How you brought the sun to shine in my life
                                    Emaj7      Em     C#m
And took all the worries and fears that I had
                G	           Am7
I guess what I'm really trying to say
D	G			Am7         D
It's not everyday that someone like you comes my way
        G			             Am7-D7 G
No words can express how much I love you