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Full Circle Chords

I'm sure this is what Cheyenne plays. I'm trying to tab the other part.

Tuning: Standard
Capo 2
Chords used:
A6 - 355000
Dmaj7 - x35500
Em - 022000
G - 320003
Cmaj7 - x32000
Cadd9 - x32003
D - xx0232
* - Strum once
** - Let it ring

Intro: A6 Dmaj7 Em Cmaj7

A6                      Dmaj7            Em                            
Take everything out just put it back, 
right where we found it,
G                                    Cadd9                                  
you, your hands in your jeans, 
were you waiting for me? 
cause that's how I found you. 

Em                               D                  Cadd9
Every word seemed to roll off your tongue, 
like honey on my lips, 
Em       D                       Cadd9
I never thought I could get enough. 
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A6                     Dmaj7                    
You took me around the block, 
but I couldn't stop,
I thought it was real.     
G                  Cadd9
The rush, so intoxicated,
I look back and I hated, 
that I couldn't tell. 

Em                     D
I'm lying alone on the floor,
just laughing at myself. 
Em                D         Cadd9
how could I ever go back for more? 

G               Cadd9
Put, everything back, 
                     Em          Cadd9
that you took out, right when it started. 
Em           D  Cadd9
When we started... [x2] 

Em                 D                       Cadd9
How can I get back what you can't give out again?... 
Em        D                                 Cadd9
How can I face my mother, how can I face my friends?... 
Em                    D                 Cadd9
How can I look in the mirror and try to love again? 
*Em                 *D                     *Cadd9
How can you get back what you canít give out again? [x2]

G                Cadd9                 Em             Cadd9
Take the deepest breath, I just let it out, I will be stronger.
G                   Cadd9         Em                 **Cadd9
You took everything out, I put it back, just where you found it