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Vitamin R Leading Us Along Chords

Vitamin R by chevelle
Tabbed by Michael Smallwood

          after I uploaded it the website moved the chords from the first pre chorus and 
over for some odd reason but if u can line them up right it sounds good
         I will try to upload it the right way sometime...

I do not know what this chord is called so I will label it as “1?”

If anybody has any idea what it is tell me in a comment or email me at

  the others are;

       G             BM          A#           G#
    ~320003~      ~024432~    ~055433~     ~044322~

             E                       E5
         ~022100~                ~022000~

Intro   1?
                 Some will learn; many do.

        1?                  G
               Cover up or spread it out.

               Turn around, had enough,

        BM                        G
               Pick and choose or pass it on

                Buying in, heading for

        BM                    G
                Suffer now or suffer then.

                 It's bad enough

                 I want the fear... need the fear


                          BM                E       (He has become)
                 Cause he's aloooooooooooooOOOOooonnnnnnnnne

                     G              E    E5    (He has become)
                   He's aloooooooooooooOOOOoooOOooonnnnne


      1?........                       G                E     E5
                      Well if they're making it, making it

                                        G                 E     E5
                      Then they're pushing it, pushing it

                                             G              E     E5
                              And they're leading us          along
[ Tab from: ]
                                   G          E     E5
                              The hassle of             all the screaming fits

                           G               E     E5
                           That panic makes          remorse

                              VURSE 2

                         After all, what's the point?

           1?                                    G
                          Course levitation is possible.

                         If you're a fly; achieved and gone

          BM                                          G
                        There’s time for this and so much more.

                             It's typical - create a world

             BM                                 G
                             A special place of my design

        A#                                                                    G#
                      To never cope or never care just use the key

                                pre chorus

                     BM                   E          (Where have we gone?)
             Cause he's alooooooooooooOOOOooonnnnnnnne

                G                E           E5   (Where have we gone?)
              He's alooooooooooooOOOOoooOOooonnnnnnnne


                                  G        E        BM
                                  Over and over a slave

                                  G        E        BM
                           Became Over and over a slave

                                        G        E        BM
                           Became Over and over a slave

                                  G        E        1?
                           Became Over and over a slave


                         [Chorus x2]

             ENDING 1?..........................

            I made this tab because I couldnt find one for this song
                   this is my first time uploading a tab so dont be to crucial with the 
if u dont like it but u should
                     everyone who has heard it liked it so have fun!!