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			     Tom - Chevelle 
Tabbed by: Marlon Cabrera

Tuning: EADGBe

Chords Used:

E     :  022100
A     :  002220
Dsus2 :  x00230       
D2    :  04x230
B     :  x24440
E/Eb  :  021100
G#3   :  x02100

Intro Chord:
Strum Once - E/Eb
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And I don't think I've like to feel this,
I wanna make the craving stop now
Dsus2   D2  Dsus2  D2
So prior it now
There're forces coming down.
Dsus2   D2  Dsus2  D2
I like now
Your self boder seem bunch are through.
And the carry bottles with messages
Stop throwing marmaid at me.
Dsus2   D2           Dsus2   D2
And I has them all, the splendor of a worldming
Having spoken, waiting for the right time,
Dsus2   D2      Dsus2    D2
Now my cat is crossing waiting
Laying in video

    E   E/Eb   A   G#3
Save me, join me
    E   E/Eb   A   G#3
         Join me
    E   E/Eb   A   G#3  E   E/Eb   A
         Join me,  I wanna be

Repeat Once More

This is my first Tab so i know there are lots of errors in 
this tab and if you have any questions about anything including 
any changes i chould do in this tab please dont be afraid to let me 
know my email is 
This is a really rare song but you could hear it for free on youtube.