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Panic Prone Chords

| *  Quick Burst

Time Signature: 3

Capo = 3rd Fret (Not Relative)

Intro. & Verse
D|---5---5---5-|---5---5---5-|---5---5--5---5---5--5-|   x4

Gave in again
The bastard
Can't keep refusing rights
Em                C
So he'll loan the cash
Em       C
But the sin
Em        C     D  Em   C
Is on the hands of you

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  G           Em
So to care or
          C   G               D       D#*
Plead silence, weak hands are calling

Em             C
There's close enough
Em            C
And there's too far
Em                 C  D  Em   C
It won't change an empty stare
Em                  C
But I can't seem to end
Em       C
These images
Em         C     D    Em   C
Hauntingly looks like Hell

Chorus - x2

E5              D#5    A5*
Come, enter the foreign.
Face, all that's shameful.
Cheat, may the past find
Out; separating...

Chorus - x1

G         Em          C  G               D         D#*
To end this catastrophic scene awake and breathe in

Em   C
To care or - x4