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Mia Bass Tab

Point #1
tabbed by John Holcomb
Standard Tuning
This song has basically three parts you must learn
PART 1-the intro, the verses
Up and down stroke, hit only e a and d strings. I am not putting exactly how many times you hit each chord. 
Listen to the CD for that.
e xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
b xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
g xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
a -------99---------77---------22---------00-------55------77-------99------55---
E--0---let E ring out---------------------00------ 33------55-------77------33---
Play this over and over. It is very muted and quiet during 2nd verse 
and it is extra loud for the repeat of verse 2
PART 2- Chorus
On this part you hit open e twice then bend the g string up till it is the same note as the 5th fret on B. 
Don't bend B just let it ring
e xxxxxxxx
b xxxxxx 5      
g xxxxxx 7        
d xxxxxxxx 
a xxxxxxxx
                                                            Repeat both parts a few times
Play that 2x then play
e xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
b xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
g xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
d xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
a 55-----77------99-----55
E 33-----55------77-----33
PART 3- Bridge
Short and even down up strokes on open E
Alot of repeating but there is only these three parts. Simple. The hard part is the strumming. 
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