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Version: 3 Type: Bass Tab

Comfortable Liar Bass Tab

I played this with my mentor, Max, who was Buckethead's first mentor so this tab is 100%
other tabs are far from correct...Im going to tab it for a 4 and 5 dtring in
I dont understand y every tab for this song is a different tunning

played with a pick but I just play with my fingers
4 string

G |------------------------|
D |------------------------|
A |---4------4---4-----4---|
E |-0---1-0----0---1-0-----|

thats all it is through the intro and verse...max through in a lot of extra notes that
inprove it but I wont include those...this is pretty much the skeleton of the song

so hear your fears. to heal your fears
G |-------------------------------|
D |-------------------------------|
A |--4~-------------4~------------|
E |----------1~---------------1~--|

your such a comfortable liar...
G |-----------------------------|
D |-----------------------------|
A |--4~-------------------------|
E |----------1~-----------------|

pretty much just make up anything in scale all the bassist realy does is this but IM
you can get creative

G |--------------------------------------------------|
D |--------------------------------------------------|
A |---------------4------------4----------4----------|
E |----00000011111-000000011111-0000011111-----------|
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G |----------------------------------|
D |-----4--444--4--444--4--444-------|
A |----------------------------------|
E |----------------------------------|

it may not sound like it but thats all the bassist is realy doing...sounds differnt on
song cuz the guitarist has his bass up high off his amp and the bassist has his treble
and thats all

5 and 6 strings

G |-----------------------------|
D |-----------------------------|
A |---4------4----4------4------|
E |-----------------------------|
B |-5----6-5----5----6--5-------|
much easier

so hear your fears. to heal your fears
G |--------------------------------|
D |--------------------------------|
A |--4~-------------4~-------------|
E |--------------------------------|
B |----------6~--------------6~----|

your such a comfortable liar...
G |--------------------------------|
D |--------------------------------|
A |--4~----------------------------|
E |--------------------------------|
B |----------6~--------------------|

thats pretty much it...sometimes during the beging the bassist is quickly playing a note
can also be done to give an extra beat

the way the amp is set is the bassist uses hardly any bass or some amps have marked as
and high on treble and some amps have that marked as "high" and also the bassist takes
of his tweater speaker inside his amp...most newer amp models have this 
what gives it that click can hear this very well in KoRn songs