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Breach Birth Tab

Song - Breach Birth
Artist - Chevelle
Album - This Type Of Thinking (Could Do Us In)
Tuning - Drop A# (A# F A# D# G C)

In a nutshell, this song is about not following the path that other
people have created for you. Kind of like The Offspring's "Meaning Of Life."

Intro (Distortion)
C |-------------------------------|
G |-------------------------------|
F |----------------------(12b)----|
			  4th Time

Verse (Clean, Chorus 2x, Then Distortion)
C |---------|
G |---------|
D#|---------| Strumming Is Pretty Easy
A#|12-8-3-5-| To Figure Out.
F |12-8-3-5-|
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Fill (Distortion)
C |-----------------------------------------|
G |-----------------------------------------|
F |0-000-xxxxxx-3-333-xxxxxx-0-000-xxxxxx-3-|

Chorus (Distortion)
C |----
G |----
D#|---- Again, The Strumming Is
A#|8-10 Pretty Simple.
F |8-10

Bridge (Distortion, Wah)
C |-----------------------------------|
G |-----------------------------------|
D#|(7)-(9)-(10)-(12)-(14--------------| Picking Is Pretty Easy For
A#|(7)-(9)-(10)-(12)-(14) This, Also--|
F |-5---7---8----10---12--------------|


Be brave, reshape
Can't force all into molds
Passing out schematics
Forcing all into molds
Once more about to change
Some try and fall beneath molds

Well it's your right so
I'll keep on this path
Turning around bending the shapes
Cutting it in
We could excel beyond
The latter fools
Start a new tone
Hating the same
Empty the room

So create, reclaim
Sovereign shapes tempting us
Ration out, their schematics
Dare we live without molds
So far what's left between
They try and fail beneath molds

Feel locked in a room
And starting to choke
Enticing the shame
Awaken a world of our own

Be brave, reshape
Create, reclaim