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Happy Being Me Chords

chester- happy being me

words and music by morris/field/karlsson/stanbrook/morris

G/ B/ C/ Cm

The time has come
im looking back at all the things i should have done
it was funny then
and given half a chance we'd probaly do it again

Em ,   D

I want nothing
to give me something

G, A, C

so whats the point in writing songs they only tell us whats right or wrong
they never tell us how it should be
but im just happy being me

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so here we go
ive lost the key and i cant get through this glass door
but i see you
to get me your attention you can let me through

i want nothing
to give me something



I cant work out what ally plays here but it is around the 12th fret i think.


chorus as before

and who will be therer when we fall
to pick us back from off the floor
you seem to be leading me astray
we will worry about it on exam day

play g bar chord then move the shape slowly up to be

jon plays some crazy effect

end on G