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Dove Lamore Chords

Intro:   Dm     Gm7     Dm    Gm7

         Dm             Gm7
Dove' L'amore  Dove' L'amore
          C              Bb
I cannot tell you of my love
Here is my story
             Dm                    Gm7
I'll sing a love song  Sing it for you alone
                 C              Bb
Though you're a thousand miles away
Love's  felling so strong
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Come to me baby
Don't keep me waiting
        Bb                 F
Another night without you here
And I'll go crazy
There is no other, there is no other
          Bb                 F
No other love can take your place
              C             Bb
Or match the beauty of your face
              Gm7                F
I`ll keep on singing 'till the day
I carry you away
         Dm        Gm7      Dm
With my love song, with my love song.

Dove' L'amore Dove' L'amore
Where are you now my love ?
I need you here to hold me

Whispered so sweetly
Feel my heart beating
I need to hold you in my arms
I want you near me.


Non c'e' nessuno (There is no other)
Non C'e nessuno
Non C'e nessuno
Bello come e ti amo (As beautiful as you, and I love you)

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