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sana mag enjoy kayo! binabati ko pala cna tim at jc at ed! capo on 2nd fret
     intro:a-e-g(ulit ulit lang hangang matapos
a/           e           g
out in the rain i see you smilin
here in my heart i see you cyin
do you really love me or is it just an illusion
you are my fantasy you are my dream come true   
is this love true or is it just my illusion

this is breaking my heart
this is bringing me to the start
i really love you so please love me too

2nd verse 
i know can see the truth 
the truth is you really dont like me
and im wiahin that someday youll love me too
im now out in the rain 
waitin for you yo see my name
and ill wait for you to love me too

sana nagustuhan nyo!!!!
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