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Snooker Loopy Chords

Tabbed by Dean Sherlock

This is the way i play the song with to my mates,
its not the proper piano chords, but sounds good
for the crack!!

(I play the following chords holding bottom 2 strings,
like many oasis songs)

Em7 - 022033
Cadd9 - 032033
Dsus4 - 000233
G - 320033

Em7           Cadd9        Dsus4           G
Snooker loopy nuts are we, me and him, and them and me

Em7                 Cadd9           Dsus4                                   
we'll show you what we can do with a load of balls and 
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 G             Em7                 Cadd9
a snooker cue. Pot the reds, then, screw back for the

Dsus4                      G
yellow, green, brown, blue pink and black. (said fast)

Em7           Cadd9        Dsus4             G
Snooker loopy nuts are we, we're all snooker loopy!!

You can play the same chords throughout the verses, 
words can be found on most search engines.


Its only standard chords iv used, not gonna make it 
complicated. Funny song though if your drunk! lol