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Cheap Wine Tab

Tabbed by mwirmm

Artist: Charlie Parr
Song: Cheap wine
Tuning: Standard

Hi guys, I got the finger picking down from one of the live versions of this song, 
sounds excellent to me.

Put a capo wherever you want if you have one (so you can get the singing right), the 
live version I tabbed was tuned a half step down though.

As I'm sure most of you have figured out, the basic chord progression here is

Am, F, C, G
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The Picking goes like this:
           Am          F                           C           G
D|---------------------0 h 3*----------------------------------0*-----------|

The alternating bass notes are the most important and are marked with a star.

Just get the picking down and that's the whole song, you can add a few notes here and 
there but the most important thing is that you hear that alternating bass line throughout 
the song.