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This Is Me Chords

This is Me- 2010
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CHORDS: (Standard uke tuning GCEA)
These chords are all barre, so prepare for major hand cramps.
F#: 3121
Bbm: 3111
B: 4322
Dmaj7: 2224
Bm: 4222
Bb: 3211
C#: 6544
D#sus: 3346
D#: 3336
Ebm: 3321

Intro: F#, Bbm, B, Dmaj7, Bm

           F#         Bb         B         Bm
This is my face on my head on my shoulders
     F#         Bb          B    Bm
With eyes and a mouth and a nose
       F#        Bb            B           Bm
With a lie on my tongue and a weight on my back
      F#        Bb           B     Bm
And a fidgeting twitch in my toes
    Dmaj7      Bm    F#
But this isnít me anymore

             F#    Bb                 B       C#
These are my arms around you, though youíre reluctant 
      F#     Bb       B              Bm
And my fingernails, I canít help but bite
   F#            Bb              B         C#
My face is in my hands, but Iíll change in seconds
      F#     [ch]B#[/ch]             B        Bm
As my smile returns and I remember tonight
    Dmaj7           Bm      F#
And I find that Iím me once more

[ Tab from: ]
    B                     F#
Cos this is the me that I like to be
   Bb                  D#sus    D#
Charisma quick wit and charm 
         B                 F#
But that side of me rarely likes to be
       Bb              Ebm
In the face of causing harm.
        B                  F#
Can you see my fear as you disappear
     Bb             D#sus    D#
Into someone elseís arms
           B                F#
Or are you unaware that the me you care for
Bb                 Ebm
Isnít really me at all
Dmaj7         Bm     B
      This is    me.

These are my hands, on my arms, on my conscience
With fingers that shake while they strum
And this is you, in my head, regardless of whether I want you there
And thoughts that I tried to avoid have already begun
And I canít feel myself anymore

These are my fingers typing, to no avail
As I try my best, to let you down
But Iíve just so much to do, and I canít help but force you
To the bottom of my lists and block out the sound
This isnít the me I want to explore

B F# Bb D#sus D#maj B F# Bb


B                          F#          Bb
This is me, this is me. Oh this is me, this is me
B              F#              Bb
This is me, oh this is, this is me.
B            Bm           F#
Da da da daa da da da daa da.