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Sending Chords

title: Sending
artist: Charlie Hall

capo on the 6th fret

Intro: Am  G/A  F/A

Verse 1:
         Am                                    Am/G
       Lay down all riches for the pearl of great cost,
        Count it as nothing for the sake of the cross.
 Am                            Am/G                        F
  Pour out an offering of our lives for the lost, send us out.
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A                      F2                     C                    G   
 You're our greatest desire, and Jesus, Your name is our greatest song.  (X2)
             Am             Am/G        F
 So send us with  fire  to go  love the world.  (X2)

Verse 2:
            Am                             Am/G
        Channel our passions into pleasing Your heart,
          Come consecrate us come and set us apart,
Am                         Am/G                         F
  Hope of the nations, we lift high the cross, send us out.

God bless, hope this helps.

tabber:  Robby Sheets
age: 15