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Micah 68 Chords

Micah 6:8
Charlie Hall

Intro:  Am-G-D/F#-C

                Am                   G                      D/F#              C
You could feed the whole world with the crumbs of old bread
Am                      G                   D/F#            C
Spread the good news through dreams and stones
           Am                 G                      D/F#            C
With a breath of the wind You could raise up the dead
             Am  G    C
But You ask us to go
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                    G                          C
Help us love mercy, help us do justly,
 	 				    Em        D            C
Help us walk humbly with You God

  Am                G                 D/F#            C
Forget not the widow, the orphan, and slave
    Am             G                    D/F#      C
O God please remember the helpless today
Am               G           D/F#              C
Call on Your children repairing the breach
             Am                G                   D/F#            C
There is no place too far that Your mercy canít reach