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Marvelous Light Chords

Marvelous Light
Intro: B E

Into marvelous light I'm running
Out of darkness out of shame
G#m                 F#
By the cross you are the truth 
    E               E                
You are the life You are the way

Interlude: B E G#m E
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Verse 1:
B                       E
 I once was fatherless, a stranger with no hope
B                         E
 Your kindness wakened me, wakened me from my sleep
B                            E
 Your love it beckons deeply, a call to come and die
B                            E
 By grace now I will come and take this life, take your life

G#m       F#           E          
Sin has lost its power, death has lost its sting
G#m       F#              E
From the grave youve risen victoriously.


Interlude: B E

Verse 2:
B                            E
 My dead heart now is beating, my deepest stains now clean
B                              E
 Your breath fills up my lungs, now I'm free, now I'm free 


Chorus x2

Bridge x2:
Lift my hands and spin around
See the light that I have found
G#m            F#         E
Oh the marvelous light,  marvelous light

Instead of having another prechorus, we’ll go right back to the chorus and do it twice.

Chorus x2