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Dust Chords

Great band and great song.

Am-G-Dm x2
Wooo oo

Am                                                                C
Youíre not sleeping like you used to, Not turning when you choose to.
Am                                                   C
This bed donít feel the same just a mattress and a frame.
Am                                 C              F
I am not the kind to break all the promises I make, 
                Am         C               G                     F
This donít stand a chance, This don't stand a chance.
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Am                                                              C
Thereís clearly something wrong with the way that things have gone.
Am                                              C
I am not the only one not to know what I have done.
Am                           C                     F                    
Fight the devil in the stay, heíll tell you not to pray.
                Am         C               G                     F
But I donít stand a chance, I donít stand a chance.


(Hold C)
Ohh ooo ohh


Am           C           E7 (bar)  
Like the flowers in the dust, 
F                             F
You never lasted long enough, You never lasted long enough

Am                                       C
Warming up to die every time I rest my eyes
Am                                          C
I bury my own bones if I could do it on my own
Am                                   C                    F  
Let the demons in you throat say the things they know you wonít.
Am                C       G                 F
You donít stand a chance, You donít stand a chance.




g 7-9-7-9-7-9-9-9-9----------------------------------|

Bridge x3

Am           Em        Dm
Never lasted long enough,
Am                   Em         Dm
Thereís no one here youíll ever trust

Tabbed by J William Hott