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Chad Vangaalen - Graveyard
from Skelliconnection

I posted this before, but I've come up with some changes; Try playing Fmaj7 (103210) 
instead of F. It may just be F in the recording, but the Fmaj7 sounds better to me.
Also play C/g (332010) instead of just C - this is what he does in the recording.

It's pretty easy. Just listen to the song for the strumming pattern. He focuses on 
strumming the lower strings on the C/g, then for the F/Fmaj7 and G he moves to the higher 
strings. The pattern is the same throughout.

Capo 5th to match recording.

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I laid you down
             F(or Fmaj7)         G
In a wooden box with lonesome thoughts
Down in the graveyard.


You came round
Inside the pitch black of your coffin
In the ground.

You let your ghost
Leak through the earth above your grave
And coast around

To find your love
That you left behind inside
of this old town

C/g     F    G        C/g
Who  -  oo - oo  are you?
Who  -  oo - oo  are you?


So come on down
Come and walk around and
Through the graveyard

Come on by
Come and slip and slide right
Through the ground

You'll be close
Back to your coffin in the ground
Out by the sound

Of your lover
Who's been buried right beside you
In the ground

Who are you?
Who are you?