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If I Loved You Chords

If I Loved You:Chad And Jeremy.
#16 on Canada RPM 100 and #23 on
BB Hot 100 on World Artist records
in 1965.
(***Someone asked for an "easy",
   here it is. It's easy.***)


C    Cdim       C
If I loved you..time and again I would try 
   E    Dm  F B           C    G G7 Em
to say..all I want you to know.
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C    Cdim       C
If I loved you..words wouldn't come in an 
     C7    F        B           C  F
easy way..'round in circles I'd go.

C          G             B
Longing to tell you but afraid and shy..
C          F      Am      Bb      D   G
I'd let my golden chances pass me byyyyyy.

C          Cdim      C
Soon you'd leave you would go in 
the mist of day.
Dm   F   B         C     Dm    Db        C, never, to know, how I loved you so. 

OUTRO: Db C Db C (Fade.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.