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Date: Wed, 06 May 1998 14:57:30 -0300
From: Kim MacDonald 
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Subject: Sixteen For a While by The Celtic Connection

Sixteen For Awhile
Written by:Dave Carroll SOCAN
Album:The Celtic Connection  The Celtic connection

Album available on Popular Warner Records

   G      C                             D       Em
1. I returned to my home town  yesterday

               C         G                 D
and my life before my eyes came flashing back

G             C                 D               Em
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Everything was changed and the faces look so strange

C                     G             D
sometimes I wish that I was young again


Em         C            G                     D
And if I close my eyes think on back to happy times

Em              C          G             D
I could be 16 years old for awhile

Em                   C                    G            D
Honest friendships, high school dances innocence short romances

Em           C          G                 D
Life was simple but it sure was good somehow

2. Then we drove to an old beach last night

a place we used to go not long ago

Walking barefoot in the sand

 I saw to people holding hands

Falling in love for their first time


3. Now I'm older I guess a little wiser

 experience is added to my name

But I can't help but feel that I traded apart  I am along the way

CHORUS twice