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All By Myself Chords

 This is my first tab, i think its right so enjoy:)

verse;   A, Adim, A, 
     When I was youngI never needed anyone

        A/g,  F#sus,   F#,     Bm,            Dm,
     And making love was just for fun

     Those days are gone.

      A, Adim, A,
     Livin' alone I think of all the friends I've known
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      A/g,  F#sus,   F#,     Bm,            Dm,
     When I dial the telephone
     E,A ...       Dm,Esus,E.    
     Nobody's home.
Chorus;  A     C#m
        All by myself

        Don't wanna be

        A/g F#sus F# Bm Dm E
        All by myself anymore

Thats basically it just repete the same for the rest of the other verse and chorus.