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Princes And Princesses Chords

Ok This is a top song & was TABed by a good friend of mine called TOM OKEEFE
top bloke & a quite impresive guitarest any way this is a top song from the album nature creates
freaks i am very upset to see that there is no CAY tab on this site it almost made me cry
but any how here goes!!! Oh i have asked TOM if its ok to put this on the site & he was very happy about it
i think that he thinks hes gona be famious (spelt wrong)or somthink!!

    E A D G B A
Em  x 2 2 x x x
EM? 3 2 2 x x x
C   3 5 5 x x x
A   5 7 7 x x x
'*? 6 8 8 x x x
E   7 9 9 x x x
G   101212x x x
#/? 9 1111x x x
??  8 1010x x x
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Soz im not very good at naming chords not been playing
that long but the tab is right trust me just bare with me &
my not very good English, i only just passed at GCSE just use my
nice little symbles as the chord names & if some one can tell us the
right names ill change this TAB!

i think before she starts singing ther eare some mutes played
its not hard just use ya brain she does it for most of eather
second or third Verse as well ant got CD on me to tell you which one

    EM  EM?  C  A '*?

Listen to the song & ull get the tune it goe der der der der bum bum
or somthin like that any way!


 E G #/?

Scary Little end Bit

at end of the song it has a different riff & that goes just like this

 G A ?? C

this is played twice then song stops & next song starts
have fun its a cool song to play if any one has any problems
you can E-Mail me on
also E-mail me if you got the TAB to the new feeder CD (Echo Park)