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Wild World Chords

Song: Wild World
Artist: Cat Stevens
Album: Tea For The Tillerman 1971
Tabbed by: Dan Mullins (

Hey this is like my first tab but I think it sounds great.  Um the C Scale riff is just a
C Scale but incase you dont know what a C Scale is I wrote it out.  And C Riff II should
be played while struming and the same time.

C Scale Riff I                   C Riff II
E l-p1-0-------------l           E I-------------------I
B l---- p2-0---------l           B I-------------------I
G l--------p3-2-0----l           G I-------------------I
D l---------------p3-l           D I-------------------I
A l------------------l           A I------0-3-3-3-0----I
E l------------------l           E I--3-3------------3-I Strum and play this   
                                                        at the same time

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Am             Dm
Now that I've lost everything to you
G             C
You say you want to start something new
F           Dm                E7
And it's breaking my heart you're leaving, baby I'm grieving
Am              Dm
But if you want to leave take good care
G             C
Hope you have a lot of nice things to wear
F           Dm      E7              G (h F-E-D)
But then a lot of nice things turn bad out there

C          G           F        C Scale Riff I
Oh, baby, baby it's a wild world
G                 F             C  C Riff II
It's hard to get by just upon a smile
C           G           F       C Scale Riff I
Oh, baby, baby it's a wild world
G                 F             C 
I'll always remember you like a child, girl