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Live The Dream Chords

This song is from their 1997 album Mother Nature Calls.

For those of you who aren't overly familiar with the tune and timing then think '3
little speckled frogs, sat on a speckled log' and you will be on the right tracks...
Happy britpop fun.


Em   C    D    G     x2
Ba ba ba ba ba


Em                   C                     D                   G   G/F#
Somebody's after me, I can't pretend to be something I know Im not
Em                         C
And when they come for me, i'll just let them be
     D                                G
Cos all that I need today, Is all i need...

         Em        C         D            G
I just wanna be thinking thoughts that I think
Em            C           D         G
Dreaming my dreams and drifting within
         Em             G            Em               G 
I don't know where im going, but I know where I've been
So come on look within

Verse 2
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(same chords as first verse)

Someone will always be, More than i'll ever be
So then i'll be myself
And when they come for me, i'll just let them be 
cos all that i need today, i need today

        Em            G            C             Em
Are you big enough? Tough enough? Now i begin to see
                 G               Em            G
Girl you gotta, lay your love on me
      Em           G               C                  Em
It's big enough, tough enough, as far as the eye can see
                 G               Em    G              Em
Girl you better lay your love on me, lay your love on me

Repeat verse #2


        Em            C
Like a bird without wings 
        Em             C
Like a bird who don't sing
        Em           C
Like a fish on dry land
         Em          C
Like im swimming in sand 
         Em          C
LIke im falling for you

(repeat the above, put down the guitar, smile at someone. It might just make their day. Laters)