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Amazing Chords

Chorded by Marcus W

Hopefully the only descretion you may have is what I've called F7.

e -x-|---|---|---|---|
B ---|---|-x-|---|---|
G ---|-x-|---|---|---|
D ---|---|-x-|---|---|
A -o-|---|---|---|---|
E -x-|---|---|---|---|

It's just an open F with the little finger on B3 and thumb on E1


C G Am C G Am

Verse 1

C        G            Am
Amazing, outstanding! Who'd of thought it?

It's kind of breath-taking that you're still in love with me

I'm ready to give you my all, take the best of me

C          G          Am
I am here, before you and you're the reason

That I'm living, I am yours, you're every part of me

Bb                                                C
And where you are is exactly where I want to be


    G                 Am
You smile and my pain disappears, 

C                    G             Am        E
It seems as though my troubles fly away
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        C        G             Am
What we have, is just the most amazing, amazing thing

       C                            G                  Am      E
You're right there by my side, when I fall to say it's ok

C G Am

Verse 2

C                 G           Am
Those three words that you say, I love you

You'll never know how much it means when you say that to me

Three words just turned all of my dreams into reality

C          G            Am
Right here in your arms, where I belong

I never want to live a day without you by my side

To look into your eyes and find that on you I can rely

Repeat Chorus


F                        G
You take my breath away, see things in me I cant see myself

When everything is getting crazy, and my whole world is gettin' hazy

I would turn to know you are there, YEAH

Repeat Chorus x 2 Having stepped up to D A Bm D A Bm F#

Fade out  D A Bm D A Bm

A beautiful song, shame about the screaming at the end...

My first chording, please be gentle...


Marcus W