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Shes Still Suffering Chords

Hey, I saw that someone posting the chords to this but they sound wrong. Here's how I hear it. 

Standard tuning

Am    G         ( lick on high E ,   ---3---1---0 )

F       G

                 Am     G
Who arenít you today?
                  Am         G
Where and what are we?
              Am              G
Under a pile of worn clothes
            Am          G
This is how I find you

Spinning vomit-webs
Blabbering on and on
You need more than vitamin D
                  Am                G
Is there not anything you love?
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F              G 
Come OUT.

               Am                  G
Dog, you know what this is
What are you hiding from?
You were once such a merry prince
Just tickled pink by life

Take , remember her?
She never could listen
Itís been years upon years
And sheís still suffering

Come OUT.

Am             G                   F
Look at the apples on the tree
Wait ítil they fall

Just find what makes you come alive
And that is all

Swing on a chandelier
You are in perfect health

Donít give up on your friends
Donít give up on yourself

Open heartsÖ

tab by:
-Tony Sarandrea   Philadelphia, PA   12/17/2012