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Unbreak My Heart Chords

To be clear not my work... someone else'. 
But I really like this song.


       C            F
Well I wish I had a nickel 

          G               C
For every teardrop that I cried

    C            F
I'd find me a wishing well

        G               C
And I'd pitch 'em all inside

   C             F
I wipe away your memory

          G                   C
With this pain running down my face

C       F
I can't find my fix

        G                C
And I'm addicted to your taste


              F            G            C
And I'm gonna pray your an angel by the morning
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   F          G               C
And hold onto hope for having none

F            G               C     C/B    Am
I sit by the river where the water drifts apart

F                   G               F  G        C
And pray time won't take too long to unbreak my heart

Well this road is a teacher
And I've learned to heal my soul
It keeps me off the white lines
But sometimes I lose control
And Lord knows I'm not perfect
But I'm close as I can get
I thought about it for a couple of weeks
And I'm sick of all your fits

Solo: C  F  G  C  (X2)


Solo 2: C  F  G  C 

Ending:  G  F  C