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Tulsa Chords

So just like my other Casey Donahew tabs, I play the G's and C's differently as 
seen below... I love this song! Please rate and enjoy

G -3-   C -3-
  -3-     -3-
  -0-     -0-
  -0-     -2-
  -2-     -3-
  -3-     -X-

Capo 2

G          D                C
You always said you'd never leave me
G              D               C
And now you're gone and I'm to blame
G              D                 C
Livin' in this hotel room by the airport
G            D               C
I here your seein' whats his name

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          G                   D
But those bright lights up in Tulsa 
Don't shine here in Fort Worth
G        D                  C
Lyin' to myself won't do no good
       G                      D
When that northern wind blows colder
And your lyin' on his shoulder 
        G          D
And I'm alone, I'm alone
She's in Tulsa

G D C (2X)

I try to sleep but I here my heart break
I try to cry but there's no more tears
I can't believe you finally left me
We've been together for five damn years



Chorus (2X)