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Shine On Me Chords


Cadd9    G    X2

Cadd9                         G
The sands of time they flow so slow

Cadd9                           G
And I catch hell from everyone I know

Cadd9                      G
And I'm so tired of being alone

Cadd9                          G
So I get drunk and I just stay home

Lookin in the mirror I get lost
I think about lifes choices and the cost
I wish I could stop and catch my air
And whoever said that life was fair?

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               G           D     
Now its been a long twenty-five years
       Cadd9               G
Living life with all these fears

            G              D
I'm holding on for better days

         Cadd9             G
Pray the sun will come and stay

And shine on me
Shine on me

And life's so hard I'm so confused
Broken down, my soul's been used
And I know there won't be an excuse
But sometimes you gotta cut the pain loose


And I know you won't understand
All I can do is all I can
And I'm so weak when I need to be strong
And it wont be long before you find me gone