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Let You Down Chords


G    D    C    

G    D    C  

 Am              C 
She turned 21 in April,  
Am                                  G 
You know her birthday's the same as mine 
   Am                               C     
When we first met she'd never left Texas 
  Am                      G 
She was young and so confused 
  Am                      C 
She got caught up in the bright lights 
  Am                            G 
The whiskey, pills and all those late nights 
   Am                       C    
From the mountain where we standing, 
Am                              D 
She fell so far that she could not see 
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               G                   D 
And I was angry when I woke up  
        C                   D 
When I found out that we broke up 
      G                       D               C       
She packed her bags, she was gone before the sun 
          G               D   
She left a letter on the table, 
      C                  D 
Said catch me if you're able 
        G                    D                 C         
But I'll be moving fast and I'm still hard to find 
So I wont call you and I wont follow 
Cause the truth is hard to swallow 
          Am                   D             G        
Said I'd pick you up, but I'd only let you down.      

  Am                                    C 
Heard from a friend you moved back to Corpus 
  Am                         G 
You always loved that ocean air 
   Am                          C 
I know that you know that I'm headed down that way 
  Am                       G 
Dont worry cause I wont call 
   Am                          C 
It'd be strange for me to see you 
   Am                          D 
You know there's so much left unsaid 

                Am                  D             Em 
Said I'd pick you up but I'd only let you down      

(Solo) -- Chorus Chord Progression  

  Am                          C 
Wrote you a letter while in Corpus 
   Am            G 
It took everything I had 
   Am                     C        
Went down to the pier and looked out across that bay 
   Am                      D 
Took that letter then I watched it burn away 


  G                           D             Em 
Said I'd pick you up but I'd only let you down