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High Chords


Em  C  G   D  (4x) 

Em                C            G              D 
I'm cruising down mainstreet in an '87 Chevrolet 
Em            C  G                     D            
I'm rollin down 174 tryin to find some more 
Em           C            G                 D 
Wish I had a little money I'd spend it all on you 
Em            C          G               D 
I'd buy us a quarter bag and twelve pack of brew 
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                     Em             C 
And we'll get high, and I drink 
         G             D 
Well I'm tryin not to think   
          Em             C 
And I get stoned and I'm drunk 
         G                  D 
Well I'm tryin to change my luck   
            Em          C 
Just gettin by 
                  Em            D 
Well I'm a-gettin by, gettin high, yeah      

Em  C  G  D 

(Same as above) 

Walkin down Browns mountain tryin to find my way around 
I hope I dont get stopped by the cops in this here town 
Head on to the south side and the cemetary trails 
A worn out fishin hole where I raised a lot of hell 


Solo (Verse Chords) 

 Em                 C 
There's a girl that lives on my street 
 Em                     D 
Strawberry blonde, she tastes so sweet 
  Em                     C 
I wanna tell her all the words in my heart 
    Em                    D 
She moved away then she tore my world apart 


Fifteen minutes south of the Fort Worth city lights 
We watch football games here on Friday nights 
I grew up slow and now I'm living so fast 
Running out of liquor and this quarter bag won't last 

(Chorus 2x)