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Fallen Chords

Capo 3 

 D           Cadd9               G 

When I came home you said "You're crazy" 

 D         Cadd9                 G 

You know I think you're probably right 

 D             Cadd9               G 

Cause I've been out and I've been drinkin 

 Cadd9    D             G 

Left you alone again last night 

 D          Cadd9           G 

You haven't cried that I've noticed 

 D          Cadd9          G 

But I don't notice much at all 

 D         Cadd9           G 

Guess that suitcase by the front door 

 Cadd9         D                G 

Said "I can't stand to watch you fall" 
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                       Cadd9                  G 

But I've already fallen, I've already lost control 

             D                         G 

I've already missed, and I've already sold my soul 

                Cadd9                        G  D/F# Em  Cadd9 D 

And I've already cried, and I wish that I was fl--y--in 

But I keep on fallin      

(Solo) D  Cadd9  G    

Now I wont even try to stop you 

You're better off with someone new 

I hope that you dont remember  

All the pain that I put you through 

You'll find a new love and you'll be happy 

And you won't think of me at all 

And all those nights you tried to save me 

When I'd stumble and I'd fall 


(Solo) D  Cadd9  G   Cadd9  D  G