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Falling On A Bruise Chords

Chords by Paul Wingham from The Sweet Fantastic.
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I love this song so enjoy!!!

Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine
Falling on a Bruise

    Es4      E7      A
You win some and you lose some
         Es4      E7      A
and I've lost the will to lose
        Es4       E7         A             B7            E7
with my part-time job and my faith in God, fallling on a bruise
	         Es4     E7      A	            Es4   E7  A
And this no star bed and breakfast and insolvency abuse
                  Es4        E7           A
make me feel like throwing myself off the kitchen shelf
B7           E7
falling on a brulse

    Es4    E7   A	             Es4      E7        A
And all of my unworldly goods, the bailiffs took them too
            Es4              E7              A
for all the ducked bills and silly sods from Brian Mills' catalogue
B7                               E7
something borrowed, bartered and blew
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    Es4      E7      A
You win some and you lose some
             Es4           E7    A
and you save nothing for a rainy day
              Es4        E7         A
you need your nutrasweet daddy some peppermint paddy
          B7            B7             E7                 E7
or just a hackneyed old cabbie who can drive you and your babby away

Break: Dm G C Am, Dm G C A7 A7

Es4 E7         A	      Es4    E7      A
Two fives or a ten	could get me back to you
Es4 E7     A 	        B7            E7
       and stop me    falling for a bruise

(Then) Dm G C Am Dm G C A7 A7 (until the end)

(It's not that I'm agrophobic, it's just that it's not safe
to go out anymore so I just stay indoors with my T.V. Times.
my petty crimes and my nursery rhymes, someone said that the
sound of a baby crying is the most beautiful sound in the
world and beauty is in the eye of the beholder but as my heart
grows colder. and colder I just feel so tired. The fridge is empty,
the walls are damp, there's no hot water and I look like a tramp and
tramps like us baby we were born to walk but where does a mother's
girl go when her mother's gone?
Some you win and some you lose, I've spent my whole lifetime
falling on a bruise and if I had the chance to do it all again
 I'd change everything.)

define:  Es4:020200  E7: 020100  B7:x21202  A7:x02020