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Chewing Gum Tab

                    Chewing Gum - The Carter Family

This is a catchy little number by the Carter Family.  This is my attempt at a tab
for this song as played on disc 1 of the In the Shadow of Clinch mountain boxset.

This song in the key of E - played using the C and G chord shapes with a capo on 
the fourth fret.  There is just one riff played throughout the entire song. The 
chord names below are realative to the capo. T indicates that you use your thumb
to pick the melody note and B indicates that you brush downwards across the 
strings with your fingers.

Tuning: Standard (Capo on Fourth Fret)

Main Riff (played throughout the entire song):

     C       G               C
     T B T T T B T B T T T T T B B B
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C                   G                          C
Mama sent me to the spring, she told me not to stay
C                     G                                     C
I fell in love with a pretty little girl, and could not get away

C               G                    C
Chawing chewing gum, chewing chawing gum
C               G                    C
Chawing chewing gum, chewing chawing gum

First she give me peaches, next she give me pears
Next she give me fifty cents, kissed me on the stairs

Mommy don't 'low me to whistle, poppy don't 'low me to sing
They don't 'low me to marry, I'll marry just the same

I wouldn't have a lawyer, I'll tell you the reason why
Every time he opens his mouth he tells a great big lie

I wouldn't have a doctor, I'll tell you the reason why
He rides all over the country and makes the people die

I wouldn't have a farmer, I'll tell you the reason why
Because he has so plenty to eat, 'specially pumpkin pie

I took my girl to church last night How do you reckon she done?
She walked right up in the preacher's face and chewed her chewing gum