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Anchored In Love Chords

Anchored in love
The Carter family
As you can listen here :

Capo 2

Intro and solo (after each chorus)

Pattern :
A D A E   A D A E A over and over

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  A                               D         A
I've found the sweet haven of sunshine at last 
And Jesus abiding above
    A                          D       A 
His dear arms around me are lovingly cast
                 E         A 
And sweetly He tells His love

  Chorus, lead :
     The tempest is o'er 
     I'm safe ever more 
     What gladness what rapture is mine 
     The danger is past 
     I'm anchored at last 
     I'm anchored in love divine

  Chorus, harmony :
     The danger, the tempest, forever is o'er 
     My anchor is holding, I'm safe ever more 
     What gladness, what rapture is mine 
     The water is peaceful, the danger is past 
     I'm feeling so happy, I'm anchored at last 
     I'm anchored in love divine

He saw me in danger and lovingly came 
To pilot my storm-beaten soul 
Sweet peace He has spoken and bless His dear name 
The billows no longer roll

His love shall control me through life and in death 
Completely I'll trust to the end 
I'll praise Him each hour of my last fleeting breath 
Shall sing of my soul's best friend